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Adelaide Professional Counselling is a counselling service for greater Adelaide, providing effective techniques, strategies and resources for managing your situation.

We believe that you are entitled to be heard and treated in an equitable and respectful manner. We believe the best results are achieved through a collaborative relationship between us.

This is your journey and we are privileged to share and assist you through the entire process, from the first phone call to the preparation of ending the therapeutic relationship.

We consider the counselling environment a crucial aspect. That is why we offer a safe non judgmental space to promote the best outcome from your counselling experience.


When you think of the term family it is common to identify the traditional nuclear unit. In our ever changing modern society the word family has grown to encompass blended families, families with parents of the same sex and sole parent families.

At Adelaide Professional Counselling your family's individual needs are what matters most. Just as no two individuals are alike your family is unique. We will address the needs of each family member as both an individual and a member of the family unit.

The family dynamic can be a complex system with long ingrained patterns of interaction, both positive and negative in nature. We will listen attentively to the needs of each member of your family, identify areas of concern and apply family theory. We will encourage new more healthy ways of interaction within your family.

Family therapy can involve all, some or just one member of the family present at the counselling session. It can be surprising to clients that one small change in their behaviour can create a chain reaction among the entire family leading to small yet positive change. Often this is the catalyst for other members desire to attend.