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Adelaide Professional Counselling is a counselling service for greater Adelaide, providing effective techniques, strategies and resources for managing your situation.

We believe that you are entitled to be heard and treated in an equitable and respectful manner. We believe the best results are achieved through a collaborative relationship between us.

This is your journey and we are privileged to share and assist you through the entire process, from the first phone call to the preparation of ending the therapeutic relationship.

We consider the counselling environment a crucial aspect. That is why we offer a safe non judgmental space to promote the best outcome from your counselling experience.


All couples face challenges throughout their relationships. Some of these challenges can be addressed and a resolution found immediately. At other times these conflicts may remain unresolved and lead to feelings of resentment between you and your partner. This can ultimately damage your relationship.

We at Adelaide Professional Counselling are here to arm you and your partner with knowledge and strategies that can help you better understand your unique relationship. We will help you understand how these patterns impact the ways in which you relate to one another.

Life today places many demands on a relationship. The complexities of modern living cause couples to face greater dilemas than ever before. Together we can assist you address the less helpful ways of interaction that we commonly find associated with the pressure of todays stressors and encourage more healthy constructive ways which to communicate with one another.